Awards and Exhibit Opportunities

Current Awards and Sponsors

Several awards are available for 2016. They are:

  • Outstanding New Professional Award
  • The NSMC’s Award for Excellence in Social Marketing
  • Millbank’s Social Marketing Award for Innovation in the Environmental Field
  • The Phillip Kotler Social Marketing Distinguished Service Award
Each award will be presented and the winners announced on Friday, June 17th at the Conference.


2016 Outstanding New Professional Award

We would like to invite individuals to nominate candidates for the 2016 Outstanding New Professional Award sponsored by Taproot Creative. Social marketing has been recognized as a viable approach to behavior change for the past 40 years. As the field continues to shift and evolve to address the emerging issues of the 21st century, so too must the leaders of this field. One focus of the 24th Social Marketing Conference is to provide recognition to the up and coming leaders of this field. To do so, we are recognizing an “Outstanding New Professional” at the 2016 conference.

Candidates should be individuals who are currently engaged in social marketing and are making a significant contribution to the field. Please note the following requirements:

  • Nominees can be from any industry (for example, government agencies, private industry, or academia).
  • Nominees are not limited by age.
  • Only nominees who have been active for five years or less in the social marketing field will be accepted.

The winner of the award will receive a physical award and recognition at the Conference.

The judging panel for the 2016 Outstanding New Professional Award includes:

  • Tait J. Martin, PhD, Chief Research Officer + Managing Partner, Taproot Creative
  • Jenny Scott, PhD, Faculty of Health Sciences, Simon Fraser University
  • Christene Jennings, Director of Behavior Change Marketing, Marketing for Change


The NSMC’s Award for Excellence in Social Marketing

The NSMC’s Award for Excellence in Social Marketing is provided by the National Social Marketing Centre for a project which has used the tools and principals of social marketing to impact on the health of the public. The award (an engraved glass award) will be presented on Friday 17th June at the conference.

The finalists are:

Tyler Janzen for “Commune” which is funded by the National Cancer Institute

Overview: “Tobacco industry marketing campaigns often target young adults in social environments such as bars/nightclubs, but tobacco control programs rarely visit these venues. In addition, young adult tobacco use rates are higher than teen and adult tobacco use rates in most US states, making them a priority population for tobacco prevention. The Commune campaign uses a social marketing strategy that associates healthy behaviors with desirable lifestyles through interactive and highly-stylized marketing tactics. Commune’s Social Branding model challenges norms by introducing a new, influential brand within the subculture. This brand is used as a catalyst for change by increasing the social value of living tobacco-free and decreasing the social value of smoking.”

Robert John for the Oklahoma Nutrition Information & Education (ONIE) Social Marketing Project funded by the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education (SNAP-ED)

Overview: In 2012 and 2014 the Oklahoma Nutrition Information and Education (ONIE) Social Marketing Project conducted interventions based on the stages of change trans-theoretical model to increase the consumption of 1% low-fat milk. The 2012 1% Low-Fat Milk Has Perks! Intervention was conducted using traditional mass media, social media, print, outdoor, and point-of-sale items featuring an NBA celebrity spokesperson. The Oklahoma City media market (OKCMM) served as the intervention area, and the Tulsa media market (TMM) served as the comparison area. The priority population was the low-income population, especially 2% milk consumers. The television commercial featured in this campaign won the Oklahoma City Addy Award in 2013. The 2014 Choose 1% intervention was a state-wide infographic promotion using a gain-based message strategy to ask the audience to choose 1% milk. Key messages included the tag line #Choose 1% Milk and #A Healthy Family Choice.

Anita Courtney for Better Bites: Snack Strong

Overview: Like many cities, Lexington, KY has seen a sharp rise in childhood obesity. One in three Lexington youth (ages 5-18) are overweight or obese. Though youth are encouraged to eat healthy food, it is often not available at the places they frequent. The Lexington Tweens Nutrition and Fitness Coalition, with the support of the Florida Prevention Research Center, have made healthy foods more accessible to youth throughout the city. The Better Bites: Snack Strong initiative provides technical assistance and marketing support to improve the nutritional quality of foods served at venues that cater predominately to youth. Foods that meet Better Bites nutrition guidelines now appear on menus at public pool and school concession stands, sports venues, movie theaters, restaurants, summer camps, Kentucky State Parks and school bus stops. By making healthy food more normative we hope to change youths expectations about what constitutes an enjoyable snack at a public venue.

The judging panel for the NSMC’s Award for Excellence in Social Marketing award includes:

  • John Bromley, Director, The National Social Marketing Centre
  • James H. Lindenberger, Director, Social Marketing group at the College of Public Health, University of South Florida
  • Robert J. Cardinalli, PhD, USAID SABAL:  Sustainable Action for Resilience and Food Security, Save the Children, Nepal Country Office


Millbank’s Social Marketing Award for Innovation in the Environmental Field

Millbank’s Social Marketing Award for Innovation in the Environmental Field is awarded to honor an individual or organization whose social marketing work has profoundly impacted on an environmental or conservation issue, either at a local, national or international level. The award (an engraved glass award) will be presented on Friday 17th June at the conference.

The finalists are:

David J. Andrews for “Punta Fuego” – A Soap Opera to Save Belize Fisheries funded by The Oak Foundation.

Overview: In Belize, overfishing and a lack of regulated replenishment zones devastated fish populations and marine life of Belize, threatening livelihoods of the fishers and their families. PCI Media Impact, in partnership with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and the Government of Belize launched a radio drama Punta Fuego, a steamy soap opera full of passion and betrayal that was broadcast every Wednesday across Belize. The adventures of the protagonist, a young fisherman named Ritchie, drew a large fan base, most of them Belizean fishers themselves. But the goal of the program was far more profound: the drama itself and the weekly call-in shows that followed shifted thinking around risky over-fishing in Belizean communities and motivated citizens to take pride in creating a sustainable fishery. An annual “Fisher of the Year” contest, tied to the program, helped to create role models and to sustain the considerable gains made by the project.

Nanette O’Hara and Sara Isaac for “Be Floridian Social Marketing Campaign” funded by Tampa Bay Estuary Program partners (Pinellas, Hillsborough, Manatee counties; the cities of St. Petersburg, Tampa and Clearwater; Southwest Florida Water Management District; Florida Department of Environmental Protection; US Environmental Protection Agency).

Overview: In 2010, TBEP initiated a 5-year social marketing campaign to support local ordinances banning application of nitrogen fertilizer on residential landscapes during the summer in Tampa Bay, where frequent thunderstorms can wash fertilizer into waterways and contribute to degraded water quality. The campaign, called Be Floridian, targets homeowners, retail outlets and lawn care professionals. Pre-campaign formative research indicated that the greatest challenge was to ensure residents understood WHY fertilizer restrictions are needed. By reminding people (using multiple marketing methods and a roving flock of painted flamingos) why they live in the Tampa Bay area because of appealing water recreational activities like fishing and going to the beach and emphasizing that True Floridians know better than to fertilize in the summer, a majority of homeowners surveyed across the bay now understand that applying fertilizer before heavy rain is not a good idea. Be Floridian is currently implemented by municipalities throughout Florida.

Kelly Dennings for Working with Rural Landowners to Protect Their Woodlands funded by AFF, US Forest Service

Overview: Forests in the United States provide a myriad of public benefits. While most citizens associate this vast resource with federally-owned land in the west, in actuality, an immense range of American forestland is owned by families and individuals all across the country (AFF, 2011). Future trends show that large parcels of land will be subdivided into smaller ones, creating a patchwork quilt of fragmented ecosystems and degraded wildlife habitats. The project’s goal is to motivate landowners to conserve at least a part of their property through a conservation easement, land donation and/or bargain sale, in which a conservation organization buys the land at less than fair market value. Currently about 14% of landowners have an easement on their property.

The judging panel for the Millbank’s Social Marketing Award for Innovation in the Environmental Field includes:

  • Rowena Merritt, PhD, Director, Millbank Social Marketing Ltd
  • Steve Menzies, Director, Flinch Marketing
  • James Mihelcic, PhD, BCEEM, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Professor and State of Florida 21st Century World Class Scholar, University of South


The Philip Kotler Social Marketing Distinguished Service Award


The Philip Kotler Social Marketing Distinguished Service Glass is awarded annually by the Social Marketing Group and the Florida Prevention Research Center at The Social Marketing Conference to an individual who has demonstrated a life of achievement in and service to the field of social marketing.

The award honors the founder of the field of social marketing, Dr. Philip Kotler, the S.C. Johnson & Son Distinguished Professor of International Marketing, at the Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management in Chicago. Dr. Kotler has published extensively in the field and provided enduring guidance to the social marketing community. He is the person most responsible for changing how all who work in or study the field, understand, and apply marketing to public service initiatives.

Selection criteria

The recipients of the “Kotler Glass” embody four qualities that have characterized their life and work in social marketing. These reflect the example of character provided by Dr. Kotler. 


Recipients will have demonstrated a body of scholarship related to social marketing, either within the academy, as a practitioner, or a combination of the two. Scholarship is demonstrated by a variety of endeavors, including published papers in peered reviewed publications, books, popular articles, e-publications, and technical reports and monographs. The value of the body of work is evaluated on how it has helped advance the understanding and practice of social marketing.


Recipients will have fostered the development and cohesion of the social marketing community. They will have engaged in activities that support the work of their peers, mentored other professionals and those in training, offered their talents and efforts in service to nurturing the field and its practice, and demonstrated a sense of mission to the field.


Recipients will have demonstrated leadership in the field of social marketing through their willingness to assume challenges, take risks, and apply innovated solutions to issues facing the field. They will have inspired others to improve their work and they will have advanced the field’s development and practice.


Recipients will have demonstrated a life of honesty, forthrightness, and ethical behavior that has provided a high standard for engaging in the collegial and business relationships associated with the work, against which others in the field measure themselves. 


The award, the “Kotler Glass”, is an original work of art that is emblematic of the transformative nature of social marketing. Like the glass from which it is made, the art work symbolizes social marketing’s ability to craft the “raw” elements of understanding, technique, and strategy into solutions for social problems. The award is also intended to reflect the passion that Dr. Kotler and his wife Nancy share for glass art.

The Philip Kotler Social Marketing Distinguished Service Glass award is judged by past winners plus Professor Kotler and James H. Lindenberger.


Scholarship Opportunities

Up to two Fostering Equity / Reducing Disparities Scholarships are available for 2016.

The Fostering Equity / Reducing Disparities Scholarship provides support for attending the conference to graduate students or public sector professionals. The conference planning committee recognize that economies and budgets are not created equally. The focus of this scholarship is specific to programs / areas where resources are low and need is high. Applicants can come from developing countries, or underfunded areas in the USA or developed countries.

Support includes:

  • registration for the Training Academy and the Social Marketing conference ($530),
  • lodging for up to four nights at the conference hotel, Sheraton Sand Key ($700),
  • airfare (coach level) (up to $1,000), and
  • Super Shuttle transportation between Tampa Airport and hotel ($50-ish), and visa fees (if applicable).

The recipient is responsible for all other costs, examples include baggage fees, meals and transportation to / from the airport in their home city or country.

Selection Process: The purpose of the scholarship is to support individuals who are studying and/or intending to use social marketing, public sector settings, or educational institutions, and who demonstrate a financial need to attend the conference.

Applicants must provide a support letter from a supervisor or manager within their respective organizations. This may be provided during the application process or following selection as a scholarship recipient. Graduate student applicants must provide a support letter from their Graduate Advisor.

The scholarship is for first time individual conference attendees. We accept applications from any country and in particular encourage those working or studying in a developing world country to attend.

How to Apply:

Send your application by email to Bobbi Rose, [email protected] by April 1st, 2016. A decision will be made by April 11th. This should allow for ample time to obtain a visa. Please note in the subject line of the email: (your name): Application for Fostering Equity Scholarship

You may enter all the information into the body of an email, or attach a WORD or PDF document. Your application must include the following:

NameDegree(s) if applicable
OrganizationJob Title
EmailPhone (include country code etc)
AddressCity, Zip (if applicable) and Country

Please also include an essay of no more than 500 words to address the following:

  • A description of your interest in attending the academy and conference (you must attend both).
  • A description of your interest in social marketing
  • An overview of the opportunities you have to use social marketing
  • If applicable, a review of how others at your educational institution or organization use social marketing. If not applicable, a reply of “not applicable” will suffice.
  • An overview of how you will apply what you will learn at the conference to your work or studies.


Exhibit Opportunities

This conference requires the support of valued partners to succeed. There are opportunities to have an exhibit table, and/or the opportunity to support a food break, or even a scholarship. Interested companies or organizations are invited to contact the conference coordinator, Bobbi Rose, at [email protected] or call her direct line, 813-974-6158, to receive a prospectus or discuss opportunities for support.

There are also other bespoke opportunities to support the conference. If you want further information on sponsorship, just contact Bobbi Rose and she’ll be happy to help.