Jeffrey Jordan, MA

President & Executive Creative Director, Rescue Social Change Group, San Diego, CA

Jeffrey Jordan, MA

Social change is Jeffrey’s priority, evident in all his endeavors, from his academic research to his leadership at Rescue Social Change Group. His passion for social change began in high school when he volunteered for an anti-tobacco group. Observing the lack of effective social marketing services, he started Rescue Social Change Group in 2001 when he was only 17 years old.

While growing Rescue SCG, Jeff studied Marketing for his undergraduate degree and received a Master’s in Experimental Psychology from the University of California, San Diego. As the founder of a strategy called Social Branding®, Jeffrey focuses on the relationship between identity and behavior to change behavior through culture. At Rescue SCG, he provides clients with an ambitious vision and strategic planning to realize their goals. His unique mixture of practical experience and empirical knowledge from researching cultures and identity allows him to work with clients on the theory and application of behavior change through branding strategies.

Over a decade after launching Rescue SCG, Jeff’s passion only continues to strengthen. The Small Business Administrations in Rhode Island and San Diego has named him young entrepreneur of the year, among numerous other awards for his company’s innovative work.

Jeffrey achieves positive behavior change through branding and supplies clients with unique tools and energetic motivation to fuel that change in their communities. Jeffrey believes the empirically measured outcomes of Social Branding® programs and other innovative Rescue SCG strategies will lead to a new era of prevention and behavior change that is focused on culture and its powerful role in each of our lives.

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